Complementary fulfillmen 2016

complementary fulfillment 2016

Complementary fulfillment services

Contact us about complementary fulfillment services which our company offers for 2016. They may also be combined. Thus you fulfill the legally established duty of employment of OHS. You will get useful supporting services for you company, support employment of workers with altered working abilities and save on the fee to the state. Our company has enough workers and branches throughout the Czech Republic.

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Meet your mandatory ratio for 2016

We are ready to supply complementary fulfillment services even in 2016. Every organization which has more than 25 workers is obliged to employ workers with altered working abilities (OHS) to the legally set mandatory ratio of 4% of the entire number of employees. In case this ratio is not met a fee to the state budget has to be paid.

Complementary fulfillment options

Complementary fulfillment is an elegant and cost-effective solution for bigger companies. If you cannot employ workers with altered working abilities in your company and at the same time want to save on the fee to the state, complementary fulfillment is the ideal solution. All that needs to be done is to place an order at the supplier with more than 50% OHS employees. SIPADAN a.s. is such a provider. We are able to ensure professional security, cleaning and organizational services according to your needs.

Contact us:

Look where all our branches are located and order our services according to your region. We operate throughout the Czech Republic.

Complementary fulfillment calculator

Look at our complementary fulfillment calculator to find out about your expenses for 2016 and discover how much you can save thanks to our services.

Quick action is essential

It is possible to provide complementary fulfillment services to a limit set by the government, which restricts suppliers of complementary fulfillment. This limit is set for each OHS worker. For this reason we recommend to employ our complementary fulfillment services for 2016 as soon as possible

Fee to the state for mandatory ratio

In case you don’t employ OHS workers in the mandatory ratio, you are obliged to pay a fee to the state. For one OHS workers you don’t employ you pay 2,5 times the amount of average monthly wage. This is the sum you save with complementary fulfillment. Have control over your mandatory ratio for 2016.

How to save in 2016?

Currently we offer security, cleaning and organizational services, which may be employed as part of complementary fulfillment. Our agency has years of experience in the field and therefore is ready to thoroughly satisfy our requirements even in the following year 2016. We are happy to adapt to your needs.

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