Complementary Fulfillment 2012 changes

The legislative of complementary fulfillment was legislatively changed by the amendment to the Act of Unemployment, which came into force on 1.1. 2012. It introduced a limit, which was the main change. All other changes are relevant only for the providers.

Agency SIPADAN was able to incorporate those changes and presents you with a brief overview and summary. 

How to fulfill the mandatory ratio of OHS employees?

You can satisfy the mandatory ration of employment of workers with altered working abilities (OHS) in three following ways or their combination:

  • Directly: You yourself employ OHS workers (mandatory ration is miimum of 4 % from the complete number of employees).
  • Indirectly: You pay a considerable fee to the state (2,5 times the average monthly wage for every OHS person you should employ).
  • Complementary Fulfillment: You take services or goods from a different company, which employs at elast 50% OHS workers with altered working ability. Don't look any further - we are here for you!

Introduction of the limit

The main change, which does not affect only you, but also the providers of complementary fulfillment is the limitation of the amount of services provided, which you can employ as complementary fulfillment.

The amount of services cannot exceed 36 fold of average monthly wage for I. – III. quarter of the previous year for one person with altered working ability that you employ.

When this limit is met, we will no longer be able to provide complementary fulfillment services. Therefore we recommend that our clients order their complementary fulfillment as soon as possible. 

Registration obligation

Providers of complementary fulfillment now have a new obligation to record all data about the services they executed. We record identification data about the client, data about the whole amount of services, goods and its value which we provide as complementary fulfillment. We also record all agreed contracts (value is stated without VAT).

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